Nothing with you is easy

But I guess that just comes to you easily

I said never

I got forever

What you need to understand is now and not later.

I’m in love with you

I love you.

Is it just me or is the clock off

Time is current without you

Time runs out with you

Tick tock because time is just consciousness

Remember me as delicate 19

We don’t have long to be young but we have aging to keep us ageless

You say today tomorrow gone.

Even us

Even us

Truth is crystal clear

Lies are euphoric.

Which do you want?

I’ve got so much to gain

Yet so much to lose with you

I’ve got your memory seared into my brain.

But I only have yet to scratch the surface of your thick skin.

You have many hidden meanings, but I know one no one else knows.

Keep it there. With me.

I hate you too.

Nevermind you’re stubborn ass.

Hate fills me up with love. Ha ha

That’s good.

In a parallel universe we’d never cross paths.

Imagine what life would be like today not knowing each others existence since yesterday.

You’d be Ok

I wouldn’t be writing these words.jfk

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